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  • Version: 2.6.058
  • Date Updated: 2011-05-17
  • Developer: ondoteam

GPS Aids V2 - Donate 2.6.058 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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GPS Aids V2 – Donate is a great GPS utility for your Samsung mobile phones and you can use it to find the locations faster and to enhance the GPS accuracy. These are the main functionalities of this application:

The Basic mode allows you to setup the most important options and also to download the aiding data for the GPS.

The Advanced mode contains multiple download options such as download XTRA, download LTO, NTP time injection, resetting the XTRA, and the LTO.

The NTP server change and the advanced XTRA reset settings help in restoring the default setup in the advanced mode.

Other resetting options include resetting data for Ephemeris, Almanac, Position, Time, Ionospheric, UTC, Health, SVDIR, SVSTEER, SA, RTI, CellDB or resetting all the reminded data types at once with the Reset All Data option.

GPS status shows the current status with the parameters of the GPS on the mobile phone, the level of detection and the strength.

The Compass helps determine your current position in relation with the north.

Position of Satellites shows all the satellites in correlation with your current place along with their signals, the strength and the distance.

Time to first fix shows the time left until the GPS has locked the position from a certain satellite.

Time Since First Fix shows how much has passed since the position was first locked.

Satellites in view/use shows which of the satellites is used at a certain time by the GPS and which ones are in view by the phone.

Other parameters related to the GPS that can be viewed or set are the Precision of the signal and location, Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Altitude, Bearing, the GPS time and the Device time.

GPS Doctor shows if there are any issues with the current system, what can be adjusted on it for optimization and can fix any problems that may come along.

Recommended GPS settings shows the default setup that should be used with the current mobile phone and Set recommended GPS settings sets up those values automatically.

Reboot, Reboot into Recovery Mode and Reboot into Download Mode are the current available rebooting options for the phone and each can be used depending on their need.

Show IMEI number, PDA, PHONE and CSC versions display information on those phone particularities.

GPS Test sets up a testing environment to find out the signal parameters for current mobile device.

Other features are Stats and Information, Hard reset, Factory data reset and more.

GPS Aids will help you to get a faster GPS Fix in your Samsung Galaxy S.

Sorry for the 15 price. But Market is crazy I cannot set 1.5 for the moment..

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Do you know GPS Aids? It is the same but include some extra features like:

* GPS Doctor

> Regenerate GPS data folder (need root).

> Check recommended GPS settings.

> Set recommended GPS settings (automatic need root).

* Codes/Tools

> Mount RO/RW.

> Reboot.

> Reboot into Recovery Mode.

> Reboot into Download Mode.

> EFS Backup.

> Show IMEI number.

> Show PDA, PHONE and CSC versions.

> GPS Test.

> Testing Mode.

> Stats and Information.

> Hard reset.

> Factory data reset.

* GPS Aids Service

> Download every "X" days or when needed your GPS aiding data.

* GPS Status

> Satellite SNR.

> Satellite PNR.

> Satellite position.

> Time To First Fix.

> Compass.

* And... much more soon!

Current translated languages: Danish, German, Finnish, Greek, Dutch, Polish, English, Norwegian, Romanian, Arabic, French, Turkish, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, Swedish (Sweden), Chinese (China), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Portugal), Chinese (Taiwan).

It is for people who want to make me happy with a small donation. Remember, you are donating, it is not a contract :)

Note for CM7/MIUI Users: GPS Aids it's working with both, but I cannot check for downloaded GPS aiding data with java code file.exists(), so you will got a negative message at time of download, that is a false positive message. I was trying to contact maintainers of CM7 without success. At end my tester team has reported that it is working fine (only for one of them is not working) using busybox command "find". Sorry for that.. I cannot do anymore.

System Requirements:

No special requirements

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